Do Not Disturb

A successful and married business woman enjoys sleeping with call boys on her business trips because she feels like she can pick them up and drop them whenever she feels like it, but one morning when she has to catch a flight home, her latest boy toy Charles confesses his feelings to her.

Le Reve

This was my third Visual Storytelling Project at Dodge College. &lquo;Le Reve&rquo; means 'the dream' in French. I chose to give my story an arc that captures what we all experience in dreams, unexplained jumps from one location to another, but yet there is always one thing that stays the same, in this one, a young woman tries to find her loved one again.


My mom always told me that the morning belongs to those who rise early. In the morning you can be the first to walk the street, to enter the bakery, to experience the new day, to take in what the world has to offer. In the early morning you are also SEUL, which means Alone in French, and you see what is yet to be colored by people.

What if Tomorrow?

This is a short film that I wrote, directed and edited in July 2009. It is in French, but has English subtitles. It is the story of a woman who is keeping a secret from her family, until one day the truth is revealed, but it is too late. I made this film in memory of the mother of a good friend of mine. This film screened at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival in September 2009 in the High School section.

A Light of Hope

“A Light of Hope” was my freshman year short film project at Chapman University. It tells the story of a poor family who dreams to move to a bigger and better home, and thus work extra hard to reach their goal. But when an unexpected event occurs, their last sign of hope is something that was in their possession all along.