Last Resort

When Anne and John Davis cannot conceive a child, their last resort is to call for a proxy father to naturally inseminate Anne, so that they can become a family. Unfortunately, the day the proxy father is scheduled to arrive, Bradley, a door to door baby photographer happens to knock on the door, hoping to make a sale. Anne, convinced she knows who he is, invites him in. A hilarious misunderstanding ensues.

There's Something in the Air...

This short film is the story of a woman who has a crazy addiction to baked beans but struggles to deal with the after-effects of them. She decided to stop eating them once she got married, but on the day of her birthday, when her car breaks down, as she walks home she runs into a restaurant that serves Baked Beans, and her long lost desire resurfaces. This short film screened at the Cannes Film Festival short film corner in May 2009 and in the high school section at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival in September 2009.