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  • Director Nicolas Wendl's Thesis Film, Psychological Thriller "From the Woods" to Debut April 2013

    Director Nicolas Wendl's new psychological thriller "From the Woods" will debut 6 April 2013. Beautifully shot in 35mm Panavision, “From the Woods” stars Natalie Shaw as Laura Mayfair, Cameron McIntyre as Aaron Mayfair, Sean McCracken as Kent Erickson, Todd Schwary as Roger Mayfair and as a special appearance Richard Burgi as the Landlord.

    Recently single mother, Laura Mayfair, must learn to let go of her fear and obsession about her abusive husband in order to save her son from the hands of a mysterious creature from the woods. Laura explores this internal and often abstract struggle that we as humans so often face. We follow her journey as she comes to realize that what she has been focusing on all this time, what she put all her energy into, was in fact her blinding herself from what she really needed to do, listen to her son.

    “Playing with, and exploring the human psyche is always something that intrigues me and in From the Woods we get to explore Laura‚Äôs slow descent into insanity as her world starts to close in on her, while she is trying to do her best to be a mother and there for her son. In our lives we often feel like we need to have everything under control, that we can make it all work, but are we lying to ourselves?” commented director Nicolas Wendl.

    Shot on 35mm Panavision Cameras, From the Woods was a challenging production for the entire cast and crew. With seven days of principal photography, the team had to deal with shooting at distant locations in Topanga Canyon while also working with a shooting format that is become more rare and prestigious than ever before.

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